Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Yesterday miss Star had her babies, beautiful babies. She had two perfect little doelings and a very handsome little buck. However, right from the beginning of his little life we could all tell that the little buck was having a hard time breathing. The shepherdesses, the older one and the youngest one, fussed over him for hours. They made a decision to take him into the house after consulting with miss Star. Once inside they helped him to drink from a bottle and they kept him warm. The older shepherdess stayed up all night with him. Today the shepherdess took him to the doctor but the doctor said that he was born with a congenital defect and that it would probably be better if she were to let him go. The doctor was very honest and did not give any false hope but also said that she would do whatever the shepherdess asked. So the shepherdess said good bye to little Willoughby. When she came home she talked to me for a long time and I could tell how very sad she was but also relieved that little Willoughby was no longer in any distress. We never know why some things happen in our life but all things are connected like a big puzzle and someday, when we get to Heaven, God will show us the big picture, that all of these little puzzle pieces make. Well that is how the shepherdess thinks life works anyway. All I know is that we are very loved.

     Willoughby 4/10/12 - 4/11/12

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