Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The First Day of Spring ~ 2013

       When I think of Spring, I think of: green pastures with countless wild flowers, birds singing and goats, cows, horses, and sheep, (OK maybe a llama or two) grazing peacefully way out in an ocean of green. I think of beautiful sunny skies with fat lazy marshmallow clouds floating by as if they were day dreaming and a warm gentle breeze that brings the fresh clean scent of new blossoms. Well, it is cold and rainy here today. I'm not complaining; we need the rain. It just doesn't seem like the first day of Spring.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 SCNA Semi Nationals

Congratulations to Joey Phan for sweeping the show this year with these two beautiful boys!

Other wins this year were:

In the YOUTH Show  (20 entries, 8 exhibitors)
Judge: Kevin Re
Champ Cock: Terence Harvey
Reserve Cock: Andrew Gregorson
Champ Hen: Taylor Baldwin
Reserve Hen: Andrew Gregorson
Champ Cockerel: Andrew Gregorson
Reserve Cockerel: Taylor Baldwin
Champ Pullet: Andrew Gregorson
Reserve Pullet: Andrew Gregorson

Youth Champion of Show: Andrew Gregorson (K)
Reserve: Terence Harvey (C)

In the OPEN SHOW (90 entries,16 exhibitors)
Judge: Brian Decker

Champ Cock: Joey Phan
Reserve Cock: Joey Phan
Champion Hen: Sun Valley Seramas
Reserve Hen: Dave Snitchler
Champion Cockerel: Joey Phan
Reserve Cockerel: Sun Valley Seramas
Champion Pullet: Sun Valley Seramas
Reserve Pullet: Jaime Sanchez
Champion Silkied Male: Taylor Baldwin
Reserve Silkied Male: Susan Bell
Champion Silkied Female: Jason Messer
Reserve Silkied Female: Jen Dooms
Champion Frizzled Male: Chaili Baldwin
Reserve Frizzled Male: Ray Aebersold
Champion Frizzled Female: Taylor Baldwin
Reserve Frizzled Female: Ray Aebersold

Champion of Show: Joey Phan (C)
Reserve of Show: Joey Phan (K)

Thank you!
  The Crazy Chicken Lady