Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Congratulations to Red Rupee!

Utterly Blessed Red Rupee won Reserve Grand Champion at the Washington State Fair this past weekend. There were 43 juniors entered and the judge was Ed Cavanaugh.
Congratulations to Wendy of Minter Bay Dairy Goats and Mary of Herron Hill Dairy
 (co-owners of "the Rupester").

To hear about The Rupester (aka Roopster) please see the wondeful Blogs of Minter Bay Dairy ~ "Beyond the Sidewalks: http://lifebeyondthesidewalks.blogspot.com/ 
and the Blog of Herron Hill Dairy ~ "This Goat's Life by Baby Belle" http://lifebeyondthesidewalks.blogspot.com/.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Healing, learning, and kittens. What could be better?

     It has been months since I updated our blog. For those of  you who are nearer to our family, you know that our world cracked and we stepped back from life and have been picking up the pieces. So far so good. Marriage is hard even in the absolutely best of times and circumstances but when those circumstances are not perfect it is much more difficult. But, fixing the crack and working through all the hard parts are worth it. So we move forward, learning how to talk, how not to hurt each other, and most importantly how to put each other first. It is not easy and we can only move one day at a time, tearing down walls and building memories. But, we have come farther in one month than we have in sixteen years. Hopefully the days will become weeks and then months and years and we will still keep moving forward as a whole family. It takes work and patience and then even more patience.
     We appreciate all of your prayers and your kind words. We know you are there for us, if ever we need you, even if it is only just knowing you are there. We appreciate the time and help you have given so we can spend time together, away from the farm. Don't get me wrong, we love it here but it isn't healthy for the farm to be our whole life without some time to just be with each other. So we, well more so ME, will learn how to leave the farm and put love and marriage first.
     Where do the kittens come into all of this? Well, although they were supposed to be the mouse management team in the barn they haven't made it out there yet. They are currently helping with laughter management and pure happiness at heart and ransacking the house every moment they are awake.
Healing, learning, and kittens. All is good today.
Phineas and Ferb