Monday, October 28, 2013

"Crumpet, the most famous goat in the world"

     It goes without saying that Crumpet IS the most famous goat in the world. I'd give my left ... wait a minute I guess that won't work I'm a wether. OK I'd give Cyclone's left ... wait a minute that won't work either because he'd probably kill me before I was able to get close enough and the shepherdess loves all the bucks so much that she will never even consider for a moment removing any parts from any of them. OK I got it, I would crawl a mile on broken glass just to lick the exhaust pipe of the truck that delivers her hay to Herron Hill Dairy. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Winter is on the Way

     Every year at this time the Shepherd and Shepherdess start buzzing around the farm like bumble bees and it is the signal that winter is officially on the way. Although, the fact that it is still eighty degrees every day makes me wonder if they are starting their buzzing a bit too early this year.
     They stack huge piles of wood. This year the Shepard did it all by himself because the Shepherdess had some lame excuse like needing to be at her job or something.
     They winterise all the pipes with delicious foam treats for us, except this year they built a big house that covers up the delicious foam treats. I don't know what they were thinking.
     They build new houses for all the new poultry that gets added throughout the year. Again, I don't know what they are thinking. Don't we have enough poultry already?

Don't be fooled by this cute little guy ~ notice his crouch and wings down? He is assuming the "get any closer and I kill you stance".

     This year they even built three new little barns. One for the quarantine area so if a new goat comes to live at our farm it will be able to stay nice and dry for the month it has to be in lock down.

     Another one was for the turkeys. There are only two of them so it seems like the barn might be too big but maybe turkeys like a lot of room or something.
Handsome Linny posing for the camera or maybe showing off to the hen who has taken a liking to his new house.

     The last one was for the extra pasture. The extra pasture is where the bucks with "king" complexes have to live when they decide they don't want to share the buck pasture with any other bucks. So it is kind of like solitary confinement. I wonder if bad goats will have to go there for a time out if no bucks are suffering from the "king" complex?

Hottie enjoying the extra pasture as all the bucks are behaving themselves right now. Hottie is a good girl and she is not in time out, she is just hanging out. 

     This year they built us a new feeder too. If you follow along with all the happenings here you may remember how our feeders have progressed over the past two years.

     First there was the feeder for the babies the Shepherd cleverly made out of fencing and a grain bucket. The babies destroyed this one but it did last the winter.

     After the fencing and grain bucket feeder came this new and improved feeder. The Shepherd decided he needed to make a feeder that was much more sturdy because the babies are so destructive. So, he came up with this one. It is very sturdy but for some reason it is adult goat proof.

This year the Shepherd made a feeder just for the adults. It can hold two whole bales of hay! It also has sides that fold up to keep the sun and rain off our backs and to keep the hay dry. Wait a minute ... does that mean we don't get to hang out in the barn all day when it rains?


     I can only imagine what they will build next year.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our 2013 Fall Babies

Between the sale of several does and other does not being bred, our 2013 Fall Kidding Schedule ended up with only one doe due to freshen, Serengeti. She had two beautiful babies on October 2nd. She was bred to DesertNanny BR Storm Warning. Storm has moved to Washington and is now owned by Minter Bay Dairy Goats and Herron Hill Dairy.