Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 SCNA Semi Nationals

Congratulations to Joey Phan for sweeping the show this year with these two beautiful boys!

Other wins this year were:

In the YOUTH Show  (20 entries, 8 exhibitors)
Judge: Kevin Re
Champ Cock: Terence Harvey
Reserve Cock: Andrew Gregorson
Champ Hen: Taylor Baldwin
Reserve Hen: Andrew Gregorson
Champ Cockerel: Andrew Gregorson
Reserve Cockerel: Taylor Baldwin
Champ Pullet: Andrew Gregorson
Reserve Pullet: Andrew Gregorson

Youth Champion of Show: Andrew Gregorson (K)
Reserve: Terence Harvey (C)

In the OPEN SHOW (90 entries,16 exhibitors)
Judge: Brian Decker

Champ Cock: Joey Phan
Reserve Cock: Joey Phan
Champion Hen: Sun Valley Seramas
Reserve Hen: Dave Snitchler
Champion Cockerel: Joey Phan
Reserve Cockerel: Sun Valley Seramas
Champion Pullet: Sun Valley Seramas
Reserve Pullet: Jaime Sanchez
Champion Silkied Male: Taylor Baldwin
Reserve Silkied Male: Susan Bell
Champion Silkied Female: Jason Messer
Reserve Silkied Female: Jen Dooms
Champion Frizzled Male: Chaili Baldwin
Reserve Frizzled Male: Ray Aebersold
Champion Frizzled Female: Taylor Baldwin
Reserve Frizzled Female: Ray Aebersold

Champion of Show: Joey Phan (C)
Reserve of Show: Joey Phan (K)

Thank you!
  The Crazy Chicken Lady

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