Monday, April 9, 2012

Invasion of the Galliformes

Last night five wild turkeys stayed the night in one of our ancient oak trees. The shepherdess was beside herself with glee over the fact that more wildlife had come to visit our little farm and that they felt comfortable enough to spend the night. Yikes, I screamed. “What if coyotes come to visit woman!”

The small flock of turkeys consisted of a tom and four hens. I don't know if all those hens were his wives but it makes you wonder if all the banter of a bunch of wives would out weigh the other benefits of that kind of a relationship? What if they are all grouchy at the same time?

Two of the hens could be heard arguing as to who was more handsome, Tron or Wolverine. They argued this point for hours. I finally dozed off listening to:
“Tron”...”Wolverine”...”Tron”...”Wolverine”...zzzzzzzzz... I feel sorry for the poor tom. Maybe he is a jake and just doesn't know better.

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