Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last but not Least

Liberty had her babies last night. She is the last doe on our spring kidding schedule for 2012. She had three huge bucklings. We were hoping for at least one doeling, as Liberty is so special to us and we would love to have some daughters out of her but it just was not the Lord's will for this go round. We can't complain though, the baby boys and Liberty are doing great.

Again, Kynnedy delivered the babies. This time it was not out of necessity but out of desire. She asked me if she could trade places with me and deliver the babies. Thus giving me the job of drying them off and placing them in front of Liberty so she could clean them up. Kynnedy did an amazing job. She was completely calm. She knew immediately when the second buckling was presented breech and upside down as she assessed the flexion of his joints and she knew without hesitation that she was holding his hocks and not his knees. Then when the huge third buckling was in the birth canal Kynnedy calmly held him and applied gentle pressure to help ease Liberty through her contractions and help her to deliver the baby.

I know I'm not needed for kidding season anymore but it does not make me sad. I'm proud of my daughters they know how to care for our herd without question. Kyrstyn was right there by Kynnedy's side doing all the aftercare for Liberty. They are a great team and we are all blessed for it.

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