Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Look at these beauties. We have dozens of these beautiful flowers growing wild outside the pasture fence. They look as though someone planted them intentionally but that is not the case. After searching Google for a couple hours I found more information about them. They are wild flowers called "Redmaids" (or, more technically, "Fringed Redmaids"). 

They are a member of the Purslane family and are completely edible. The leaves may be eaten fresh, although due to their content of oxalic acid, they should be eaten sparingly.

This plant once constituted a major part of the diet of Native American Indians in California. The major food use of this plant is the black, oil-rich seed that is collected, winnowed, toasted, and ground into pinole, a course flour.

I think they are beautiful. I the fact that they are edible is a bonus.

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