Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Speckles has made a complete recovery and has moved back into the hen house.

The Diva, don't tell her I call her that. She is the tiniest hen but she has some serious attitude. Well, she decided that while Speckles was away that she had moved up in the pecking order, so she gave Speckles a few sharp pecks to welcome her back and show off.

      The Diva

That only lasted a minute because the old Rhode Island Red queen put her four toed foot down and said enough was enough. Then she pecked them both and went about her day.
That's the Queen is on the far right.

That rooster should have done something but he just puffed up his chest and acted all macho. He's afraid of the old queen but he'd never admit it.

All seemed back to normal yesterday when they went in to perch for the night, so I guess they worked it all out.

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