Monday, May 28, 2012

Drama Queen

Cinna showed the shepherdess who was boss this past weekend. The shepherdess decided to take her to a show because she looked like she might have some potential.

Cinna decided she had other plans and pretty much did this behavior for the whole day; she threw her head around and jumped really high in the air and even threw herself to the ground a few times. She is such a drama queen.

She said, "I can give myself the weakest looking chine and steepest rump you ever did see!" Well, apparently she was very successful at buffaloing the shepherdess and the judges because the best place she did all day was 5th out of 23! "Hee Hee," said Cinna "Maybe that mean old shepherdess won't consider taking me to any more shows now!" I hate to tell Cinna this, but now the shepherdess thinks that if they start practicing walking and setting up every day then Cinna will do better at the next show. I can't wait to see who wins this battle!

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