Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trying Something New

As my first post on this blog I thought that I should write something completely random.

      On May 1st, I got my very first incubator. A 1588 Hova Bator with an automatic egg turner. So now that I have this little beauty, what will I do? Fill it of course! So on May 9th I started my little adventure. I fired up my Incubator and waited an agonizing 6 hours for the temperature to stabilize. I collected 9 eggs and set them in the egg turner. The next day 11 more were added. Finally on the 11th I added the final 3 eggs.

      All eggs are from my own flock. I have lots of different colors and breeds in my coop. Though all would be in vain without the rooster. I would talk more about him, but after his rude behavior towards me today, I decided he didn't deserve the attention.

      So the final count added up to 23 eggs. The first 9 have been in for 3 days. I was thinking about candling at 7 days in, so I will candle on three different days.

Until next time,
 The Crazy Chicken Lady

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