Thursday, May 17, 2012

What A Surprise

      One of my bantam (miniature chicken) hens had gone broody a few weeks ago so I felt bad and gave her two eggs. Both from my full sized chickens. She got an Easter Egger egg and a Red Star egg. I was letting the bantam hens out into their run this morning. They had knocked over the water container so I filled it up and put it back in the coop. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a small black thing moving around. The first thing that I thought was, Mouse! I looked closer. In the nest with my bantam hen and her eggs stood a tiny black chick. How could this be? I thought. The eggs were a week away right? Then I remembered that I had forgotten to write the date on the calendar and instead I just guessed the date the eggs had gone in. I found the egg's shell. Easter Egger. The chick looks nothing like an Easter Egger. Could this be what happens when you cross a Blue Hamburg and an Easter Egger? I hope the other egg hatches...
Mommy and her baby are fine.

      On a side note, the eggs in the incubator are at 7 days and I candled them. At least 12 are fertile.

Until next time,
 The Crazy Chicken Lady

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