Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Everything is Coming up Roses

When we bought our farm we inherited a dozen or more beautiful rose bushes. They are scattered around the house.
Great care probably went into their purchase. Unfortunately this is lost on us as we know little to nothing about roses.
Well, the research and time involved purchasing them is lost on us but not their beauty. 
We do stop to smell the roses, almost daily, and we marvel at their colors and intoxicating aromas. They each share this with anyone staying long enough to appreciate them.
You can get lost in them and time just fades away. Before you know it search parties are sent out to find you. It shouldn't take an hour to walk to the garage and back but somehow it does when you stop to smell the roses.
We did name some of our baby goats after roses this year. Not the ones in our yard because we don't know what variety they are. We named them after their father, Castle Rock Chicago Peace. He, his dam, and granddam are all named after beautiful varieties of roses. However, I think it goes without saying, that he does not smell like a rose. Ironically the Chicago Peace Rose, a mutation of the famous Peace Rose, was cultivated to have a very strong perfume rose scent. Well, I'm sure he has a very strong perfume scent too, but not necessarily "rose".
"Chicago Peace Rose" photo from the gardens of Cantigny Park in Illinois (http://www.cantigny.org/gardens/)

Below are just a few more photos from the roses around our house ~ I only wish you could smell them. 

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