Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Wether Forecast

Introducing "Justice" the newest member of our farm

I just can't figure out what has gotten into the girls this week. Everyday I see them in a little pack giggling and saying stuff like; “I wonder if he is nice, hee hee hee” and “I wonder what color eyes he has, hee hee hee”, and “I wonder if he has a nice brisket, hee hee hee” … Well, frankly I'm just tired of it! They giggle constantly and prance around here with their tails up in the air. Any time I try to talk to them they just stare at me blankly, then seem bored, and then run off to gather in their group and giggle some more. I even caught them admiring themselves in some of the puddles. They stand there for hours, tilting their heads one way then the other, batting their eye lashes, arching their backs and kind of easing sideways. What on earth is up with them? I heard the shepherdess talking about a new “buck” coming soon, but who cares? I mean, so what! The girls have me. I'm nice. I have beautiful brown eyes. I have a nice brisket! What more could they ask for?

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