Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Projects Left Undone

Sometimes projects on the farm get overlooked or put on low priority and then when it is time to get to them the project has resolved itself. Recently we spent the day winterizing all of the pipes outside. Our preventative maintenance slowly evolved into a parts inventory of the sprinklers that would need to be repaired or replaced before summer watering was underway again. As we examined each sprinkler we found one that had been leaking for quite some time. Thick coral colored algae was growing in a tangle of scum, almost completely encasing the PVC riser from the base of the sprinkler head to the ground. But, this was one sprinkler we would not be repairing anytime soon. It had become the local watering hole for the hive of wild honey bees that live in one of our ancient oaks. I know critics will argue that we are wasting water. They could probably even give me an accurate calculation of how much water we are wasting every day by letting the leak go unfixed. But I don't think it is a waste at all and I bet our little friends would agree.
Everyday the sun is out the bees are on this sprinkler. How could we possibly deny them water? No worries ... we won't.

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