Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Huge"... Really?

“I think she needs to cut back on the groceries, don't you think?”
“Well, she is getting a bit plump.”
“Plump, are you kidding ... she looks like she swallowed a water buffalo!”
“That is just rude, you know! You shouldn't talk about others like that! You should apologize.”
“For what? It's true, she is huge!”
The guineas continued to argue, voices flaring, as they trotted away and I couldn't help but think that maybe I had been a little over indulgent over the holidays, but “huge” really? I started trying to figure out ways to get my body to slim down fast. Maybe fasting or I could take up jogging. It has been about twenty years since I jogged but I'm not too old to start it again. I could jump rope. I love to jump rope, especially with some good music blaring in the background. Maybe some Wolfgang Gartner or some LMFAO, really pounding. Just then I turned to see Penstemon standing behind me. She is due to kid next month. Relief flooded over me, the guineas must have been arguing about her. Or were they …?

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