Monday, January 16, 2012

Chocolate Eggs

Today our hens gave us fourteen eggs! That is the new record to beat. It is hard to believe that we are getting a dozen plus eggs each day when less than a year ago I was researching what breeds of chickens to purchase. Of course in the end I couldn't make a decision, because all the breeds I researched sounded wonderful, so we bought fifteen different breeds! Most of the hens were chosen because they were good laying hens. I say most because we did purchase two Polish chicks. Their crazy feathered crests and blue legs were so appealing that we chose to add them to the flock in light of their low production. We decided they would be for pure entertainment value. Polish hens are mediocre layers of small to medium white eggs. Originally, I didn't want any white eggs but now that we have such an assortment of brown, blue, and green eggs it is kind of neat to see an occasional white egg in our daily accumulation. The blue and green eggs are really a treat but they are not my favorite. The dark chocolate brown eggs of our Welsummer hen are so striking that they have become the most cherished eggs on the farm and I try to include at least one in every bunch of eggs we sell. It probably goes without saying but I'm already making plans to purchase more Welsummer hens and maybe some Black Copper Marans and Barnvelders too!

Our two Polish hens (Golden Laced Polish on the left and Buff Laced Polish on the right).
The Golden Laced Polish hen at about one month old.

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