Monday, May 26, 2014

Kynnedy's Mug

Last year we were fortunate enough to have two junior does win Grand Champion at the Redwood Empire Dairy Goat Association, goat show.
This year as we were preparing to show Kynnedy was looking at the coffee mugs and she said, "I will only be happy if I win a coffee mug." As I surveyed our competition I said, "Hmm ... well you'd better tell that to the goats ... on second thought you'd better bring that up with God, because I think he is the only one who is going to be able to help you with that request."
Well, as it turns out it must have been God's will too, because not only did Kynnedy get one coffee mug but she got a second one to match. I guess we can both drink our coffee in style now.

 Now Kynnedy has decided that getting a new coffee mug each year at REDGA would be a good goal. So, here's to a new mug next year ... maybe even two!


  1. Congratulation! But I do believe one of those 2013 mugs belongs to me:) What does won?

  2. Sorry for such a late reply ~ sometimes my computer tells me someone has commented and sometimes it just leaves that up to me to figure out ~ can you tell I never thought of checking until now ... =/

    In 2013 the does were your beautiful Rupee (ha ha ~ your right one does belong to you!) and Ancora. This year, the does were Yume and Zagora ~ we must drink coffee together sometime. I will keep your mug safe and sound until then. =)

  3. I would love to drink coffee sometime!