Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Doe Year?

Nutmeg and Flip Flop both had their babies last night. Flip Flop had triplets, 2 does and 1 buck and I was thinking how wonderful that was because Liberty also had 2 does and 1 buck. So when Nutmeg went into labor and had two does I was in the mind set, as she had a third baby, that it would be a buck, but it was a doe!  Wow, maybe it is going to be a doe year. I wonder, has there ever been a doe year? (Meaning more doe births than bucks). Hmmm, I'm probably getting ahead of myself here as we still have seven more does to freshen this spring and then two in the summer. Oh well, it is all good when the babies and their dams are healthy, but just because it is fun to speculate on a doe year I will tally the current baby count at our farm for 2014. 
Doelings = 9 / Bucklings = 2

Update 5/4/14 ~ The spring part of our kidding season is over now. No other does are due until late July. The current counts are tied ~ 15 bucks and 15 does!  Wow ... crazy how our opening season numbers have changed. But, we can't complain at all. We have 30 beautiful babies that are all healthy and that is what is most important. Thank you Lord for being with us throughout this spring's kidding season and helping each birth to be a success.
Flip Flop's babies ~ 4 hours old.

Nutmeg's babies ~ one hour old.


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  1. We are having a doe year here! Does=8 Bucks=1 it's also been a triplet year. Even the one I thought was having one had three in there. Red Rupee kids in July!