Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My New Duds!

Oh my gosh, look at me! I am beyond handsome now! Some of you might not know this, but I won the T-Shirt that Crumpet and the Goat Farmer, of Herron Hill Dairy, were giving away. Thank you Goat Farmer and Crumpet for my new duds! 
The fit is perfect!
Now everywhere I go and everyone I meet will know that "Crumpet is the Most Famous Goat in the World!"

The T-shirt is the same color as I am so that makes it a wonderful color. Thank you Goat Farmer. I know you were worried about the color but, as it turns out, it is the the perfect color for me and my shepherdess is quite partial to brown, even the drabbest of varieties.

 Family, friends, and acquaintances, if you want a T-Shirt to tell the world about Crumpet being The Most Famous Goat in the World or you want a T-shirt just because they are awesome, you can order one from the Goat Farmer right here:

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