Monday, April 1, 2013

Donkey's Purpose

Donkey and the shepherdess, pondering.
     One of my favorite TV programs is The Fabulous Beekman Boys. They have a huge herd of goats you know. Don't tell the shepherdess, but sometimes when she is away I sneak into the house and watch it. The dogs and the cats, who live in the house, never utter a word because, for one I let them watch it with me and for two, I make the world's best popcorn.     
     So the other day the most amazing thing happened. OK, wait ... let me back up a bit. Donkey had been feeling like he needed a purpose. I think it was because he was reading too many of Baby Belle's blogs. You know Baby Belle, from Herron Hill Dairy? She is the author of THE best blog EVER “This Goat's Life” Well a little while back, Crumpet took up piano lessons and Donkey is completely and hopelessly in love with Crumpet, along with most of the country. Anyway, this caused Donkey to feel like he needed to have a purpose. It didn't matter to him that already he was the ONLY goat on our farm that gave the shepherdess a kiss each night when she tucked us into our barn. Or maybe it was because he and I are the only two wethers here and we have to live with those stinky bucks on account of the fact that it is better for us not to eat all the super fattening alfalfa the does eat. I don't know but he kept talking about having a purpose. Of course, it could have been the shepherdess' fault too because she started realizing that her goat addiction has become totally out of control and there are just too many of us who live here. I can hear the shepherd repeating the story about the shepherdess promising to only have eight goats and now there are nearly forty of us. Anyway it was decided that IF the perfect home became available for Donkey then the shepherdess might let him pursue his need to find a purpose. People asked about Donkey from time to time but the shepherdess just didn't feel comfortable with any of the people or situations that presented themselves and we just figured he would have to find his purpose here. The shepherdess talked about him learning how to pull a cart and become the farm representative at the million or so parades that take place in Lake County but Donkey wasn't too keen on the idea. So they continued to ponder his purpose. That is when the most amazing thing happened.
     The shepherdess had placed an add for all the wee wethers to go to pet homes and a gentleman named Jeff sent an email talking about wanting to have some of the wee wethers move onto his very-forested and deer-fenced ranch, he wanted them to control massive brush piles. The shepherdess was so pleased because it makes her especially happy when her babies get to go to wonderful homes and this sounded like the most wonderful home ever! As it turned out though, all the wee wethers sold extremely fast.
     The shepherdess kept thinking about the very-forested ranch and she just couldn't get it out of her mind. So she asked the man Jeff if he might be interested in Donkey going to live with him. Well he said “Yes!” and not only that but Donkey would have a home with a nice herd of goats and even a doe named Dora. OK so now is the part that the Fabulous Beekman Boys reminded me of. Not only has Donkey found a wonderful purpose, but the man Jeff is a TV actor and has a TV show called, “House on the Hill” and Donkey gets to be there and watch the TV show right as it is being filmed! No commercials even!!!
     Donkey even got to meet the director of the show, Dan. In fact Dan was Donkey's chauffeur back to the ranch. The shepherd told the shepherdess that Donkey was traveling in style. (The shepherdess said her goodbyes earlier because she didn't want the shepherd or the man Dan, to see her cry.) I'm still in awe over all of this. I miss Donkey a lot and so does the shepherdess but she knows that Donkey will have the best home ever. Now I will have two TV shows to watch! Because, maybe Donkey's new herd will be on TV too. Don't tell the shepherdess, Okay?
     Wait ... I'll make you some popcorn.

Donkey pondering the circus.

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