Thursday, March 8, 2012

God's Grace

The Lord's grace is evident so often in our lives. In the little moments and the big ones. This afternoon Willow had her babies and it couldn't have gone better. About two hours before Willow freshened we happened to take a photo of her udder. Today is Willow's 144th day of gestation, so she freshened early.
At the time she wasn't acting like she was near the start of labor. Then about an hour before she went into labor she started talking to us a bit more than normal, but she still wasn't acting like she was on the verge of going into labor. Her ligaments were loose but she didn't have any other signs. We decided to put Willow in the barn because I had to pick up Kyrstyn from her 4H meeting and needed to leave the house for about 15 minutes. So Kynnedy took over watching Willow and I went to get Kyrstyn with my cell phone. People who know me will tell you that I never remember my cell phone, ever. I was only gone a moment when Kynnedy called to tell me that Willow was in labor. I was so excited and so stunned I didn't quite know what to do. So I decided to come back home and try to make a different plan for picking up Kyrstyn. I was gone twenty minutes. By the time I flew into the driveway and ran to the barn Kynnedy had helped Willow deliver all four of her babies. Two does and two bucks! They were dried off and starting to stand and there was Kynnedy with OB gloves on holding a towel that had recently been used for drying babies. Kynnedy is eleven years old and this was the first time she ever delivered babies all by herself. She did a great job and I know I will never have to worry about needing help at kidding time again. The grace of God is constantly evident in our lives. We are truly blessed.
The two babies on the left are does and the two on the right are bucks.

PS  My husband picked up Kyrstyn moments later and she was overjoyed to see "her" babies. Willow belongs to Kyrstyn.

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